Executive Development

I have a unique background in executive assessment and leadership development and have served as a managing consultant at top leadership development firms such as Korn Ferry International and PDI Ninth House.  I have worked with hundreds of top performing professionals from multiple industries including CEOs and other C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and academics.


What got you here, won’t get you there
-Marshall Goldsmith


Not seeing your blind spots can hurt you. I specialize in mindset training and emotional intelligence development for leadership executives. 

While your technical skills and industry knowledge may be outstanding, knowing how to lead other people is a skill that’s not intuitive for many. It takes insight and proactive effort to learn the subtle nuances of communication and emotional intelligence that get people to work with you and not against you. This knowledge distinguishes average executives from great ones.

A thorough assessment of you leadership style provides you with insight regarding your strengths and areas for development. From there, we’ll create a plan for how to develop the competencies you need to not only be successful, but well ahead of the curve.

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